Our History and Development

In the removals business, the CUCCHIARALE name was launched as far back as 1960 when Giovanni Cucchiarale decided to continue the family tradition his father began before him at the start of the 1900s with his horse and cart; using the means and possibilities available in those days, but with the determination that still sets the company apart today.

Valuable support from his wife Anna helped him to make sacrifice after sacrifice, day after day, to what they now call “their third child”; the work that has now become a key member of the Cucchiarale family, with the inclusion of their children Matteo and Paola in the business.

Of course, the extremely difficult financial conditions Europe is currently experiencing do not go unnoticed, but the family use them as motivation to grow and overcome adversity by accessing new markets and diversifying and expanding their activities.

This is how the CUCCHIARALE Group was born, a group which today also has a presence in the European market with the birth of the new “Cucchiarale UK Ltd” company, based in London.

Cucchiarale Group

The CUCCHIARALE SERVICES brand specialises in Total Facility Management – “meaning principally everything referring to management of buildings and installations, such as for example air conditioning, electricity, plumbing, lighting, and also services such as cleaning, catering and gardening, -” offering their services to their own Customer Portfolio – mostly private companies, multinationals, public bodies and those who need to outsource and optimise costs related to these activities.

The CTL company are responsible for managing International Deliveries for the group itself and others, by Sea or by Air.

CUCCHIARALE Traslochi is a traditional family company, which is taking on more and more international value, and is also throwing itself into the sector of Integrated Logistics and Storage, developing several European Projects in these areas.

The CUCCHIARALE Group currently employs 63 members of staff, deployed and distributed at our operational locations in cities such as Turin, Milan, Padua, Rome and London.

It is estimated that the CUCCHIARALE Group’s consolidated turnover for 2014 is € 4,300,000.00 as detailed below.

The revenue reported in the budgets of the five companies are commensurate with the achievements of Cucchiarale Traslochi in the first two months, together with contracts in effect and tender proceedings currently underway.