Headquarter Turin

Turin, the birthplace of Cucchiarale Traslochi, is a city that plays a fundamental role as a center of transport and activity
economies in Northern Italy. Its strategic location makes it an important gateway to the rest of Europe, which it has
contributed to the international vocation of Cucchiarale Traslochi.
The city is in fact equipped with important infrastructures and services, including the Turin Caselle Airport; is relatively close to
Port of Genoa and numerous highways and railways connect it with many European cities.
The city of Turin is also an important center of economic activities and a city rich in history (it was the first capital of Italy)
art (it has one of the most important Egyptian Museums in the world) and culture (with the historic University of Studies and the Polytechnic, international excellence):
figures linked to the aforementioned realities, as well as executives of automotive companies and reference figures of the teams
Serie A of the city, are among our historical customers and have represented our starting point in constant learning
of what it means to organize international removals at the highest levels.

Via Sansovino, 225 – 10151 Torino
Tel e Fax: +39 011.2160089
E-mail: staff@cucchiarale.it