For many years now, CUCCHIARALE TRASLOCHI has been providing any service related to removals, from simple transportation to a complete door-to-door service.

Now we have our offices in TORINO , MILANO , ROMA and GENOVA and we help you everywhere .

We can pick up your materials from your current apartment and deliver them to your new one as and when you want it. Alternatively, we can take care of everything, from packing all your personal belongings such as plates, glasses, cutlery, linen, etc., into our special boxes of two sizes, dismantling and wrapping your furniture with special anti-shock material, loading, transporting to your new apartment with our own padded and insulated vans, and performing the reverse operations by reassembling all your furniture and, most importantly, repositioning all the goods inside the furniture according to your instructions. Stress-free moving is served.

Furthermore, thanks to our efficient structure, we are able to provide affordable ITALY BELGIUM removal services in GROUPAGE formula, jointly providing a storage service completely free of charge at our centers.

For these reasons, our vehicles are traveling every week along the roads of Europe, Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, England, Scotland, Wales, Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, Sweden, Norway, the Netherlands, Finland, Denmark, Ireland, Iceland, Austria, Poland, Croatia, Hungary, Romania, Switzerland, making it easy to provide the best price combined with the best service.

Many customers have entrusted us with their ITALY BELGIUM removals in recent years, remaining very satisfied with our services. You can follow all our feedback by following the link

Request a quote at +39 011 2160089 or 800 729 777 or visit our website or, or fill out the form Our sales consultants will be happy to search for the best solution for your needs together with you.”