Complete applied logistics service

Cucchiarale Traslochi of Turin also offers applied logistics services, covering transport, storage and distribution of goods and products.

The many services additional services offered by the Italian company include:

• management of large-volume goods flows
• coordination and management of reception and storage
• home delivery and last-mile service
• city logistics
• order management
• packing & packaging
• construction of packaging
• management of markings and relabelling
• administrative management
• projects and consultancy
• tracing & tracking
• distribution
• assembly of international and national deliveries

Logistics for all your needs

The company in Turin, operating throughout the Piedmont region (Alessandria, Cuneo, Vercelli, etc.) and in major Italian cities is therefore able to take on all phases concerning industrial logistics and packaging with the utmost professionalism.

Using a highly professional team with proven experience, Cucchiarale Traslochi of Turin is able to optimise transport times and costs by providing a flexible structure and advanced technologies for management and storage of goods.

Custom-made applied logistics design

Cucchiarale Traslochi also manages company warehouses and related applied logistics design, providing custom-made solutions both at the customer’s premises and at their own warehouses.

Cucchiarale Traslochi can deal with distribution of goods and promotional material and, finally, supply of raw materials to production companies.