Stress-Free International Removals

Moving to another country or continent with Cucchiarale Traslochi from Milan is possible at competitive prices and with the security that everything will be done with efficiency, accuracy and speed.

Cucchiarale Traslochi specialises in international removals and is able to deal with all removal and relocation operations anywhere in the world.

All this is made possible through an extensive network of international partnerships that allow Cucchiarale Traslochi to manage consignments and removals anywhere in the world.

Different formulas for international removals

The Italian company carries out international and inter-continental removals, supporting the needs of their customers ranging from simple door-to-door transport including all import and export procedures to affordable international groupage services.

As with our domestic removals, it is possible to choose from different packages for for international removals which range from mere supply of containers  (the company will offer customs assistance only) to turnkey services.

Turnkey relocation abroad

If you choose our complete service, you will not have to worry about anything as our staff will take care of everything you need for your move, such as:

  • packaging up and loading of boxes into the container for transportation abroad
  • transfer of the container to the customs office
  • administrative procedures
  • customs clearance and transfer to the new addresss
  • unloading and reassembly of furniture and furnishings.