Maximum assistance is guaranteed during all relocation operations by the relocation service offered by the Cucchiarale Moving company.

Complete assistance on relocation

The internationalization process of companies requires a continuous effort by human resources offices in the management of employees active in both national and international transfers and requires the support of specialized personnel, so that the relocation process takes place with the least inconvenience.
Companies invest both economic and human capital toward perfecting these transfers: employee satisfaction is a success for the company.

Our MISSION consists in the assistance of HR offices, taking care of short-term tasks/ bureaucracy/ peculiarities connected to the relocation process.
Our specific experience in Internationalization, Relocation and Immigration allows us to efficiently assist the company, its employees and family members and therefore to achieve scheduled goals.


Within the global market context Immigration is part of corporate recruitment processes and becomes one of the most sensitive aspects for HR departments and their functions.

Our services are accordingly aimed at companies that operate internationally and require assistance with the administrative procedures necessary for transfer and relocation of employees.

The extensive knowledge of labor regulations and immigration procedures allows us to assist customers in every aspect of this process, specifically in:

  • work authorization filing
  • Visa applications
  • residence permits
  • citizenship filing
  • EU citizens filing
  • foreign workers integration (orientation, business culture, general problem solving)

Immigration aspects and issues also concern wages in regard to tax impact: for this very reason we employ expert professionals in the field, in order to guide and assist companies in defining recruiting costs for their foreign staff.

The interaction between our labor consultants and immigration experts enables a fast and tailored response to any need for staff transfers both in Italy and abroad.


We specialize above all in INTERNATIONAL MOVING and thanks to our network of agents and worldwide correspondents we can provide moving services by sea – with 20 ″ / 40 ″ box containers – by plane -for small lots-, by land with dedicated padded lorries, taking care of  Export and Import customs procedures within the classic DOOR TO DOOR formula.

We also take care of all the operational phases, such as:

  • packing of personal belongings
  • disassembly and packaging with special shockproof material of all furniture and components
  • container, vehicle and air cargo loading and unloading, respecting international criteria
  • constant and continuous monitoring activity of shipments
  • Export / Import Customs documentation
  • container transportation from POE to final customer destination
  • unloading, unpacking of personal effects, reassembly and arrangement of furnishings
  • waste material collection and returning of the container to the POE/ plane/ vehicle
  • specific and customized insurance cover through primary Companies

We know that every object in possession of our Customers, even the smallest one, is very often a precious memory, a part of life that must be preserved with great care and attention.

This is why our packers operate with the utmost care and use the best materials in our practice, so that everything can be transferred to destination and returned in perfect condition.


We provide assistance to Italian companies for operations abroad and to foreign companies for operations in Italy: legal practices support, preparation of the documentation needed for tendering procedures, cultural preparation of staff destined for expatriation, commercial and informative documentation analysis and consequential adaptation to the country of destination, staff training for foreign offices management.

We manage international successions and asset recovery (direct collaboration with law, tax and notary firms).

We provide certified translations, bilingual notarial acts and power of attorney activities: asseverations, apostilles, legalizations, bilingual notary acts, power of attorney operations from foreign Clients.

We offer global relocation services in Italy for companies and individuals.

Arrivals: orientation, housing solutions, rental and utilities negotiation, identification of schools and educational institutions, information on the local health system, residence permits, assistance for bank accounts opening and insurance take-outs for housing and individuals , driving license conversion.

Departures: dissolution of housing lease and security deposit refund, deactivation of utilities, cancellation of residence, bank account closure.

We provide assistance for real estate transactions abroad (inspections and negotiation).